Faith Christian Academy

Our school is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church designed to help families train their children for Christian service. Our approach is a complementary one. God has established the family as the principal entity to train children, with the church serving as a second platform of spiritual training and leadership development for the family. The Christian school provides a third source of godly influence. This arrangement is truly successful only if the direction being set by all three is in agreement.

The purpose of Faith Christian Academy is to educate and to train the whole student: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. Because the Lord requires a vessel unto honor, guidelines for personal habits, definite dress codes, and proper leisure-time activities are provided. The principle of self-discipline is the basis of our disciplinary structure. We believe the student must honor the rights of others and respect the individual’s freedom. Not only must a young person have his appearance and actions reflect the Lord Jesus, but he must also have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to serve the Lord in the plan God has for his life. Therefore, the Bible is not substituted for any academic subject, but it is integrated into the total educational program. The Bible is taught so that the student will develop sound values that will govern every step of his life.

The mission of Faith Christian Academy is to assist parents in educating and equipping their students to develop a heart for God, to cultivate a sound biblical worldview, and to prepare students to positively impact their families, churches, communities, and country for Jesus Christ.

Faith Christian Academy seeks to accomplish its mission by striving to achieve the following five learning outcomes:

  • Establishing Christ-like Character - Do right
  • Achieving Comprehensive Development - Be Like Jesus
  • Growing Educationally - Get Smart
  • Leading through Servanthood - Serve Others
  • Elevating Patriotism - Love America

Students of Faith Christian Academy consistently score above the national average on annual standard tests. The high school’s college preparatory curriculum enables graduates to be well prepared for college and adult life.